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kids playroom If you have little kids at home, then your living room is always occupied by them. Especially now, during a pandemic, people are spending more time in their homes more than ever before. Undoubtedly, your living room is seeing more actions. Generally, people arrange their living rooms for watching TV, lounging, homeschooling, working out, or for such other purposes. Kids demand more space. What if you can arrange a functional space that caters to all these needs together?

None but the parents are well aware that it does not take much time for living rooms to become a playroom. Things in a playroom are mostly cluttered and crowded. People want fascinating ideas to decorate a kid’s playroom. Here, we have some innovative yet enthusiastic ideas for a kid’s playroom.

8 Fascinating Way to Give your Kids Playroom a New Look

Below are the eight ways to help brilliantly create a kid’s playroom.

1.      Try To Dedicate A Storage Spot

Try to find out spaces that are better suited as a play corner. It works better than a full-on playroom. You can dedicate a corner of your home and turn that nook into a kid’s play space. However, never forget to complete the spot with great storage solutions for all her toys.

We can understand, at times, it is natural to be perplexed about where and how to start? You may tuck a few baskets or a storage bench into a specific corner.

These storage solutions are kid-friendly, and they love them. This way, you can contain messes and minimize clutter. This idea helps things to stow away neatly and quickly. However, you can always repurpose the bench when your children outgrow the toys.

2.      Carving Out A Cushy Corner

Do not ignore the little nooks of your space. Think about putting a tricky-shaped landing at the top of the stairs. These places are perfect choices for setting up a tiny kids’ corner. Some of you are unlikely to dedicate a part of your living room to your kids. We know you want to keep your living room tidy and guest-ready.

To make your kids’ corner more attractive, plop down poufs and a few beanbag chairs. kids playroom You can also adjust a small desk and storage space. All these tips help to create a cozy playroom. Your child will be glad to play there with storytime, toys, and lovely fun games.

3.      Putting Paintings On Wall

If your child is interested in painting, you can put an Indian village scene painting on the playroom wall. Not only, a beautiful painting adds elegance and beauty to your home décor but also, it helps kids to be attracted to the artwork. It also helps build up his imagination power.

Kids are unaware of the fact that India has a rich culture of painting and art. People from various cultures are working day and night to carry forward the heritage of artwork. By hanging a village scene wall art painting, not only do you set a class apart in your home decor, but also, as a parent, kids playroom you introduce your kid to the village way of living. Indian paintings are sold in both online and offline mode. You can choose one according to your interest.

Putting paintings on the wall is a sober and sophisticated idea, and it helps in your kid’s holistic upbringing.

4.      Try To Create A Low Furniture Nook

You can check both online and offline stores, for they have endless options for child-friendly playroom furniture out there. But is there any need to stick to mere pin-size pieces? You can recreate it to your taste.

We suggest you add low-profile pieces, like ottomans and poufs, in the kids’ playroom. These are small in size and easy to handle for kids. Pair them with the kid-sized table if possible. kids playroom Footstool and perches also work well and useful for a kid’s room and beyond.

5.      Playing Up A Colourful A clove

If you have a living space well-equipped and recessed with wall space, you can turn this into a colorful and eventful play corner. kids playroom This decoration appeals to the children brightly and magnificently.

You can also think of a vibrant and fun sofa. Add some patterns and a charming rug along with some fun pillows. This idea is great to turn an awkward corner to use in a play corner. Try to incorporate fun colors and jovial textures to make it distinct from other parts of your home.

6.      Forget Not To Tuck Toys To The Side

You can create a very special playroom nook just by placing your sofa-set at a little distance from the wall. You may use either the back or the side by dividing the space. Kids like this spot. It offers them a designated area where they can stash their toys and play happily.

You can also think of some inexpensive coffee tables. These add to your home décor. Try to make a durable selection as it would help repurpose them when your kids are all grown up.

living room playroom combo ideas
kids playroom

7.      Dreaming Up The Ultimate Playroom

kids playroom If your living room is more significant, you may consider this to convert one end of your room into a full-on play corner. You can keep the most liked toys like mini kitchen, fort, kid-sized chairs, and tables to create their own space. However, try to consider some long-lasting fabrics that can stand up rolling, romping, or occasional spills.

8.      Designing A Kid-friendly Office

Are you a strict parent and want to keep your eyes on your children? Or, are you planning for a designated space to help them work on home assignments during these tedious times? You can set up a tiny learn/play corner in your home office space if that permits some space. kids playroom However, they may find it boring to be locked up in your home office. Pull in poufs, kids table, ottomans where they can play with puzzles, draw, or read. You may add a shaggy sheepskin if you want.

So, here are eight ways for you, but you can find thousands of other ways if you have that secret key that leads you to your kid’s heart. If you have that key, kids playroom you know what décor will please your kid the most. What do you say?

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