All About Proton Celebrations Blissful in 2021

Proton celebrations are observed across the world on the first anniversary of Pakistan’s independence. It is indeed a very significant day for Pakistan, as it marks the first milestone of economic growth in the country. After decades of military dictatorship, Pakistan has finally woken up from its lethargy. Now, the country has embarked on an era of economic prosperity.

Proton Celebrations

The significance of this celebration in Pakistan cannot be underestimated. Today, it is a fact that the country’s economy is on its way to reach unprecedented heights. This is not possible without the enormous support and co-operation of people from all walks of life. A wide range of business is operating throughout the country, as well as street shopping and casual dining.

However, it is only in the last few years that this sort of immense support has become common. Earlier, people didn’t celebrate this event very enthusiastically. However, they came to understand its importance when the perimeters of economic growth were being breached. During this time of euphoria, it is believed that the number of people celebrating reached a mere 15 per cent. Today, it is widely considered to be the biggest public celebration in the country.

All over the country, people have been celebrating Proton Days with great zeal. Thousands of celebrations are organized in nearly every town and city in the country. In some areas, entire towns and cities are flooded with guests. The celebrations to mark the beginning of the new year and the close of the old. They are joyous events full of fun and merriment.

There are various reasons behind the occurrence of this gala affair. The primary one is of course the celebration of Pakistanhood. People from all over the country and even from other parts of the world have come here to participate in celebrations. The most vibrant and colorful city, Lahore, which is considered to be the capital of Pakistan, also turns out to be a major spot for the gathering. The party atmosphere prevailing in this city is something that cannot be described in words.

Lahore, being a major commercial city, is thronged by hundreds of people. Those from other cities who come here on any other occasion, have to travel long distances just to get into the right place. As it is, with such a huge crowd, the place is cramped with people. But that is not the only thing that makes the party appealing. It has everything that any party enthusiast would desire in his party.

The food served during Proton celebrations is really tasty and mouth-watering. There are various dishes that you can try, but if you do not want to take the risk, then you can always settle for the traditional ones. There are so many varieties that you can choose from, ranging from the chicken kebabs to the spicy and sour curries. Some of the best sellers at the stalls are the chicken kebabs along with rice, pakoras, and the Baba Ganouj that is considered to be the national dish.

A typical party in Pakistan celebrates with great joy and enthusiasm. It does not matter if you are alone or with family and friends, because you will definitely find someone who will make you happy. With this party, you will surely enjoy and forget all your worries away. There is no need to worry about anything and just party away!

The most common people who attend these celebrations are teenagers. Although adults do attend too, but for some reason they feel that holding such celebrations is somehow embarrassing for them. In order to cope up with the situation, they hold their parties in the shindigs that they call backyard parties. These backyard parties are held in the evenings. So for people who do not have access to evening events, this is the perfect choice. This is a way to let the teenagers enjoy and forget their worries without having to go anywhere.

Proton Celebrations
Proton Celebrations

A teenager’s party in Pakistan is quite different from the ones that we celebrate in the West. In the Pakistani culture, holding a party is considered to be a social obligation. As a result, a lot of the planning is done well in advance so that the event is a success. This is because in Pakistan, a party is not held unless it is attended by at least ten children. If it is attended by more than ten children, then the celebration becomes a failure.

When it comes to the food served at the Proton celebrations, the best dishes are chicken kebabs. They are served along with tandoori chicken. In addition to this, fried pakoras are also very popular at the celebrations. This is because Pakistanis consider it as a traditional food that is cooked and eaten during celebrations.

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